Event 4 – Inscription

Admission to the Seminar will be free until the capacity of the auditorium of the School of Architecture of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is full.
Registration is open to all professionals, academics and students who wish to share and expand their knowledge about the project and landscape by contrasting their experiences with the contributions that will be made in the speeches of the different thematic sessions
The persons who wish to register for the seminar must register using the online form on the website www.terracedlandscapes2019.es where they will find a specific section for the activities in this seminar on EVENT 4 “LIVING IN TERRACED LANDSCAPES”. The beginning of the registration period will be on March 19 st , 2018. Once completed the form each participant will receive an email explaining the methods of payment for the registration fee, which should be paid within15 days.
Registration for the seminar includes:

  • Guaranteed access to the seminar sessions (speeches and debates).
  • Official certificate of attendance at the seminar with the corresponding accreditation of having participated in a 20-hour course.
  • The possibility of presenting works, according to the criteria laid out in the Call for Papers, in the call for abstracts and their development into complete articles.

The registration forms and registration fees for this seminar for people who wish to opt for the points in the section above are the following:

  • Students: € 25
  • Professionals: € 100

To qualify for certification, the applicant must register through the website and attend in person at least 80% of the thematic sessions. (100% students)

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