El Congreso


The IV ITLA Terraced Landscapes World Congress, to be held in March 2019, is an international event that will involve the meeting of local peoples, heirs of peasant cultures (agricultural land owners, farmers, agricultural technicians, local development organizers, agro-industrial entrepreneurs, etc ...) with professionals and scientists from many fields (architects, geographers, agronomic engineers, economists, anthropologists, etc ...) and places in the world. Among the aims is to diagnose the states of conservation of the landscapes and make proposals and action plans for the development of the terraced areas around the world, as a clear bet for their future.

Focusing especially on Macaronesia as an outermost island area, this will be a unique opportunity to share the vision of various experts on the subject, to which will be added the experiences of various fieldworks that will take place during the congress itself in the Canary Islands, Madeira and Azores, with a special interest in the Spanish island of La Gomera, the main venue of the Congress.

This congress is a necessary continuation of a series of World Congresses that began in November 2010 when experts from different disciplines and knowledge areas from 17 countries around the world participated in the I Terraced Landscapes World Congress, held in Mengzi, in the Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China.

"...the aims is to diagnose the states of conservation of the landscapes and make proposals and action plans for the development of the terraced areas around the world..."



  • HRH the King of Spain
  • Government of the Canary Islands

    President | Mr. Fernando Clavijo Batlle

  • Government of Madeira

    President | Mr. Miguel Filipe Machado de Albuquerque

  • Government of the Azores

    President | Mr. Vasco Ilídio Alves Cordeiro

  • Government of Cabo Verde

    President | Mr. Jorge Carlos Fonseca

  • University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ULPGC

    The Rector | Mr. Rafael Robaina Romero

  • University of La Laguna ULL

    The Rector | Mr. Antonio Martinón Cejas

  • CajaCanarias Foundation

    President | Mr. Alberto Delgado


  • Canarias Cultura en Red
  • Observatorio del Paisaje de Canarias
  • Cabildo de La Gomera

    Presidente | Excmo. Sr. D. Casimiro Curbelo Curbelo

  • Cabildo de Gran Canaria

    Presidente | Excmo. Sr. D. Antonio Morales Mendez

  • Cabildo de Tenerife

    Presidente | Excmo.Sr. D. Carlos Enrique Alonso Rodríguez

  • ITLA

Direction IV ITLA World Congress

  • Prof. Timmi Tillmann

    PhD. Anthropologist. Honorary Research Fellows of the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience (CAWR) at Coventry University. England

  • Prof. Juan Manuel Palerm Salazar

    Director of Observatory of the Landscape of the Canary Islands. Professor of Design and Landscape at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. ULPGC

  • Executive organizing Committee
    • Juan Manuel Palerm Salazar


    • Marianna Lombardo

      General Coordinator

  • Coordinators of Preparatory events and fieldworks
    • Event 1 | Ruth Acosta Trujillo
    • Event 2 | Juan Pedro Salcedo García
    • Event 3 | Lidia Esther Romero Martín
    • Event 4 | Domingo González Galván | Elsa María Gutiérrez Labory
  • Work and Organization Team
    • Rocio Narbona Flores, Carlos Jiménez Martínez, Rebeca Gutierrez Arconada, Angela Ruiz, Lidia Esther Romero Martín, Ricardo Santana Rodríguez, Sara Robaina, Juan Pedro Salcedo, Isabel Alvarez, Laura Montilla Calvo, Alice Huez, Marianna Lombardo, Ester Aspeitia, Gislaine Hasse Sikorski.


  • Timmi Tillmann (Germany)- President
  • Mourik Bueno de Mesquita (Peru)
  • Jean Francois Blanc (France)
  • Juan Manuel Palerm Salazar (Spain)
  • Donatella Murtas (Italy)
  • Lidia Esther Romero Martín (Spain)
  • Maruja Salas (Germany)


  • Coordination
    • Lucka Azman (Slovenia) – ITLA - General Coordinator
    • Tessa Matteini (Italy)- UNISCAPE
    • Juan Manuel Palerm (Spain)- Landscape Observatory of the Canary Islands
  • Members
    • José Antonio Sosa Díaz-Saavedra (Spain) - ULPGC
    • José Luis Rivero Ceballos –(Spain)- ULL
    • Sabina AsinsVelis (Spain) – ITLA
    • Francisco Aznar Vallejo (Spain) - ULL
    • Michael Dower (United Kingdom) - ITLA
    • Enrico Fontanari (Italy) - ITLA
    • Sabine Gennai Schott (Italy) - ITLA
    • Heather Peters (Thailand-USA) - ITLA
    • Mauro Varotto (Italy) - ITLA
    • Jesús Hernández Hernández (Spain)- ULL
    • Ramón Díaz Hernández (Spain)- ULPGC
    • Francisco Ortega Andrade (Spain)- ULPGC
    • Cristóbal Crespo (Spain) - UNISCAPE
    • Sasa Dobricic (Slovenia) - UNISCAPE
    • Veerle van Eetverle (Belgium) - UNISCAPE
    • Connor Newman (Ireland) - UNISCAPE
    • Bas Pedroli (The Netherlands) - UNISCAPE
    • Anna Tiejten (Denmark) - UNISCAPE
    • Manuel Aguirre (Peru) - National University of San Marcos
    • Teodoro Lasanta Martínez (Spain) – Pyrenean Ecology Institute, CSIC of Zaragoza
    • Luciano Fernández Lorenço (Portugal) - University of Coimbra
    • Yeray Hernández González (Spain) - Joint Research Center-European Commission
    • Augusto Pérez Alberti (Spain) - University of Santiago de Compostela
    • Emma Pérez-Chacón (Spain) - ULPGC
    • Raimund Rodewald (Switzerland) - Swiss foundation for landscape protection
    • Purficación Ruiz Flaño (Spain) - University of La Rioja
    • Ricardo Santana Rodríguez- (Spain) – ULPGC


  • Government of Azores
  • Government of Cabo Verde
  • Government of de Canarias
  • Government of Madeira
  • Cabildo insular de El Hierro
  • Cabildo insular de Fuerteventura
  • Cabildo insular de Gran Canaria
  • Cabildo insular de La Gomera
  • Cabildo insular de La Palma
  • Cabildo insular de Lanzarote
  • Cabildo insular de Tenerife
  • University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ULPGC
  • University of La Laguna ULL
  • CajaCanarias Foundation


  • Right Livelhood College RLC
  • Farmers Associationss
  • Peasant Cooperatives